Tales of the skyward adventures

Spirit of the mountains

Flying above the Sevan lake gave me special feeling. Something like I was accepted by "the spirit of the mountains". I felt comfortable and relaxed whilst being in the snowstorm. Than when the weather changed and I decided to fly,... Continue Reading →


Armenia reloaded

After xmas in the Czech Rep. I flew back to Armenia to discover deeper those wild mountains. There I found certain type of freedom, which I've never experienced in Europe. Paragliding in such a remote places is not the safest,... Continue Reading →

First touch of Armenia

It didn't take a long time and memories of Caucasus convinced me to discover more of it. This time Armenia. December is probably not the best time for hiking and flying on paraglider in the mountains of Armenia, but who... Continue Reading →

Tbilisi flying site – Patara Lilo

I woke up quite early in the hostel in Tbilisi and empowered by sunny weather decided to go for another hike&fly experience. From the map it looks that there could be some "flyable" hills on the north-east of the city.... Continue Reading →

Time to fly !

This pictures are just small fragments of breathtaking views I had today from my wing. It is always so good feeling to be with the birds on the sky. Moreover it's something special to fly above the vulcano.


I had a dream... And now that dream has me. I'm here! And I'm ECSTATIC from all what is happening AROUND.

Life is a trip

  Once again I'm taking some time to contemplate and prepare myself for next adventures. Giving all gained experiences into a structure, in which I can use them for my present days. I found certain balance I've always been looking for.... Continue Reading →

Remote work

  Remote work is not a dream for me anymore. Now it's my reality. With blessing of fortune I found a perfect employer, for whom I can work on my computer whenever I want from wherever I am. An extra... Continue Reading →

Mission completed

  One goal is behind me. Today I submitted two grant requests for international training courses under Erasmus +. Now it's in the hands of National agency. Let's see what the future gonna bring.

Reaching the heaven by touching the ground

This week I experienced a ritual called = sweat lodge = . It's an ancient traditional ritual by which we try to reconnect ourselves with all the natural elements and our inner nature. Essential part of the ritual is "the... Continue Reading →

Xmas in da home town

Last weeks of the year are always in token of contemplation for me. Now I'm trying to charge some energy for the final evaluation. Where else than in Karlovy Vary.    

On the wave

Since I'm in the mood of fulfilling dreams, I continue to the seminar about project management in Slovakia.  


Surrounded by mountains lakes and rivers as in the same time close to the city of Drammen. That is touristic hut Eiksetra.

Train ride

Today I expirienced impressive train ride from west to east of Norway. Namely from my beloved Bergen to Drammen. Train ticket costed me 250 NOK and I would pay it again just to watch that sceneries. Here are some sketches... Continue Reading →

I’ll be ready…

I decided to move to another helpx place. Tomorrow I'm taking train to the east. Let's see what gonna come.


In a small garden in a small village you can find a small guy doing small things. And that's how it looks:

Cross-mountain track

Bergen is still touching me, but let's move! To reach a helpx hosting place, I have to cross mountains. ... I like mountains. ... Quest accepted!  

I love Bergen!

  I'm in Bergen second day, but I can already say, that it's more than just a nice place .

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