This week I experienced a ritual called = sweat lodge = .

It’s an ancient traditional ritual by which we try to reconnect ourselves with all the natural elements and our inner nature. Essential part of the ritual is “the outdoor sauna”. For uninformed observers it could look like bunch of crazy naked people jumping around the fire. In fact it’s like that, but there is also much more beyond. It’s the crude memento of humanity.


As it’s always a very strong physical and spiritual happening, this time it was even more for me. This time we did it in the group of neighbors who are trying to develop sustainable community together in the village called Valeč, where also this ritual took place. During the years we face a lot of obstacles together, which are bringing us often into the illusion of dispute. And nothing can connect people more, than sweating together while touching the ground with our bare feet. The ground, on which we all are depending. Getting closer to the earth shifted our common spirit higher. I wish to remember this in all complicated situations which gonna come to our friendships.