Once again I’m taking some time to contemplate and prepare myself for next adventures. Giving all gained experiences into a structure, in which I can use them for my present days.

I found certain balance I’ve always been looking for. Balance which brings satisfaction into my everyday life. Feeling that I’m in the right moment on the right place.

Balance between traveling and being at home. I found out, that I need to travel to be able to fully appreciate my home and dedicate myself to that place. It is not the universal truth. I just found it works for me.

If I work on sustainability on one place, I need to balance it by the transiency of traveling. It helps me to see my home from better perspective. To develop a healthy relationship with that place and fully appreciate all its qualities.

On the other side, it’s such an important feeling to know, that there is a place here in Czech, where I belong to and which belongs to me. This feeling gives a different perspective to all my traveling. I’m not in the mode of searching for the place to live. I’m in the mode of searching for valuable moments. And this mode I want to import from my travels to my home. I want to feel like on a trip, when I’m working in the garden. I want to feel like on a trip when I visit my neighbours. I just want to feel like on a trip wherevere I am and whatever I do.

Because life is a trip.