I woke up quite early in the hostel in Tbilisi and empowered by sunny weather decided to go for another hike&fly experience.

From the map it looks that there could be some “flyable” hills on the north-east of the city. So I jumped on marshrutka (bus) and tried to find a way that direction. When I finally reached the last stop in the tiny village (periphery of Tbilisi) called Patara Lilo, we were only two people in the bus remaining. Me and a priest.

When we both left the bus, he stopped me and asked how I am and where I’m going. After my short explanation of paragliding (in very improvised Russian), he made a cross on my forehead with his hand and mumbled something in Georgian language. Not knowing a word I understood all what he meant with that. I set off my way up to the hills encouraged by his blessing.

When I reached the first visible peak, which was approximately after 40 minutes of walking, I knew, that I found a perfect place for flying. Wind was a bit to strong and gusty, so I decided to postpone flying for the later hours, when the wind usually fade down.

So I went for a little more hiking in the hills around. After an hour I got back and found a bunch of people standing on the place right there I wanted to fly. And as the best confirmation of my estimation they were local pilots also coming to fly. Perfect!