Tales of the skyward adventures




Surrounded by mountains lakes and rivers as in the same time close to the city of Drammen. That is touristic hut Eiksetra.


Train ride

Today I expirienced impressive train ride from west to east of Norway. Namely from my beloved Bergen to Drammen. Train ticket costed me 250 NOK and I would pay it again just to watch that sceneries. Here are some sketches... Continue Reading →

I’ll be ready…

I decided to move to another helpx place. Tomorrow I'm taking train to the east. Let's see what gonna come.


In a small garden in a small village you can find a small guy doing small things. And that's how it looks:

Cross-mountain track

Bergen is still touching me, but let's move! To reach a helpx hosting place, I have to cross mountains. ... I like mountains. ... Quest accepted!  

I love Bergen!

  I'm in Bergen second day, but I can already say, that it's more than just a nice place .

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