Soaring birds are always helping me to find thermal streams which keep me flying high and far. Birds don’t charge any fee for their help. Nevertheless I need some money to run my adventure.

I work remotely on the computer, so I can take my office wherever I go. That gives me certain freedom. Still I need to spend hours in front of the computer, which I would rather spend in the mountains.

Yet during last eight years I spent hundreds of hours in the air and developed skills which allow me to perform the adventures I do.

My dream is to be a full time pilot. To have chance to dedicate myself fully to the topic of bivouac flying and to contribute to it’s development as a new sport discipline as well as new way of nature exploration.

I’m sure, that there are plenty of people who will soon help me to realize my dream. For now the birds are holding the place where I’ll proudly put the logos of such benefactors.