After four years of studying agriculture, I felt strong need to start something real and permanent. And so in the year 2010 I bought a garden in a little village called Valeč.


I was living there in the tee pee tent and my habitable car on the beginning. I had a lot of fruit from the garden and so I decided to rent a house in the village, to have a place where I could process all the fruit into some valuable and durable products.

I didn’t really fulfilled the vision of professional processing room in that house.  Instead of it the house became something like an “incubator of new inhabitants of the village”. Open space for creativity and all types of craziness.

We were just a bunch of naive dreamers living together in an old and ruined house. We were dreaming about sustainable life in the countryside.

Today, after six years  we bought five more houses and grew up into a strong community of neighbors who regularly organize many cultural events together. Not everything went the way we planed on the beginning. Everything goes slowly. But there is a positive social movement indeed.